Techniques for Back linking

A Back link is one of the most used word in the world of SEO when a page links to other page it is called back link. A page with lot of back link tend to be on the top rank. when you write a Blog you expect to rank on the top page in google. There are few techniques that will give you speed result and make your blog/website on the top rank.

Here are some common terms related to back links:

link juice: When a web page links to any of your websites, it passes link juice. This will improve the domain authority.

No-Follow Link: No follow link doesn’t effect in the ranking on page as they do not contribute to anything. webmaster uses the no follow tag when he/she is linking to unreliable site.

Do Follow Link: All the links that you give in your blog post are do follow link.

Linking root Domain: This refers to number of back links coming into your websites from a unique domain.

Low Quality Links: this are the links coming from harvested sites, spam sites. this links harm more than good. this is the reason you should be careful while back linking.

Internal Links: Links that are going from one page to another within the same domain name.

Anchor Text: Text that is used or Hyperlink is called anchor text. It works when you are trying back link for a particular word.


  1. Directory Submission : It is an off page technique. In this you have to submit your blog URL in a web directory. there are few sites which give you the back links by following given steps, the result may be time consuming and there is a chance that the website will approve your URL or not. you can click on the link and give your URL.
  2. Blog Commenting: It is off page optimization. To get the back links faster you can follow this technique as it is the best way to attract people to your site and get traffic. Commenting on blogs will increase traffic to your website and it is a best strategy it gives you back link also build relationship and give brand recognition to your website.
  3. Web 2.0 sites:,, etc are the sites thats give you backlinks. It allows the user to create various pages with unique URL This sites include social bookmarking site, social medial platforms, and video sharing.
  4. : Sign up in and start commenting on the blogs which give your website backlink/ traffic. Make your message personalized, tell about your website be clear about your intention. It is the simplest way of getting traffic to your website.

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